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Prenatal Teacher Training *Primer*

$350Purchase required to enroll

Perhaps you know you want to work with pregnancy and would like to focus on teaching prenatal yoga. Maybe you’re pregnant and would like to understand how to work with your practice through the trimesters. Or perhaps, if a pregnant woman walked in the door to your regular hatha class, your eyes might resemble a deer in headlights. As teachers, we want to help our students, we want to keep them safe and we want to provide a high quality service. However, most initial teacher trainings simply do not have the time to cover much about pregnancy. This Prenatal Yoga Primer course aims to deepen your abilities as a teacher and prepare you to meet your pregnant students with confidence.

In this course, you will learn:

· The Do’s, Don’ts and Maybes of Prenatal Yoga

· How to provide differentiated instruction in a group class

· Basic understanding of pregnancy anatomy and physiology plus the application to yoga asana

· Common discomforts in pregnancy and how to work with them

· Props 101 and working with a changing body shape

You will also have time for practice teaching, which allows you to brainstorm and troubleshoot with your peers.

Allow your teaching to be rejuvenated as you explore another facet of how yoga can benefit the public.

$300 Early Bird//$350 Full Price